Much more than just a CRM.

We who develop NGO|PRO® are a team and value-oriented company that is driven by a simple idea: Helping those who help others. 
Our vision of the product is to create the most complete fundraising software on the market.

NGO|PRO - A complete CRM- and fundraising application

A complete fundraising software

for fundraising organizations


Unlike many CRM systems, NGO|PRO®  is a complete fundraising software specifically developed together with and for fundraising organizations. With the help of NGO|PRO® you can automate and simplify the administration process so that more resources can be added where it is best needed. The system also offers the tools needed to create more engagement and more effective communication for a greater impact.

NGO|PRO - A complete CRM- and fundraising software


NGO | PRO® provides the tools needed to attract, create and maintain the engagement and commitment of both new and existing donors and members. This is done by creating and analyzing campaigns and providing the possibility to let the donors starting their own fundraising campaigns.


Today you need to be able to communicate with many different stakeholders in a variety of ways. With NGO|PRO® you can easily and efficiently convey the right information to the right recipient, in the right way. Whether it is one person or several thousand people.


By setting up automatic flows in NGO|PRO®, previously complex and resource-intensive tasks can easily be automated. This includes everything from simple notices to correspondences such as thank-you letters after for donations, printing donation forms with OCR numbers, or complex mailing processes that requires several steps. It's really just the creativity that sets the limits.


NGO|PRO® provides the tools needed for structuring even the most complex organization in a simple way. With the help of groups, roles and custom fields, you get a good overview so you can quickly and easily find the exact contact(s) you're looking for.

Why choose NGO|PRO®?


Our vision of NGO|PRO® is to create the most complete fundraising system on the market. The software is therefore under continuous development. The system is developed together with our clients and is built from the ground up to facilitate the fundraising process.

From the start, we emphasized on user-friendliness, accessibility and scalability. This has resulted in an easy-to-use tool that can easily be adapted to current and future needs.


NGO|PRO® is a cloud-based system which makes it accessible everywhere there is an internet connection. It is based on modern web standards and is also available on mobile devices.


NGO|PRO® is built with emphasis on those who are actually going to use it in their daily work. A good system provides support, not obstacles. Working in NGO|PRO® should be fun and easy.

Continuous development

NGO|PRO® is based on the stable and scalable .NET Technology. The software is under constant development and new functions are continuously added based on the emergence of new technology and new needs.


We are driven by the idea of helping those who help others. We see ourselves as a long-term support for our clients.